Art Show 2014 Winners 

Group "A" ages 7 and under. 

First Place goes to entry A-5 "Kitty in my Yard" a graphite drawing by Katelyn Slaughter age 7. 

Second Place goes to entry A-8 "DoDo Bird" a colored pencil drawing by Elisha Santosh age 7.

Third Place goes to entry A-9 "Walking on the Path" a graphite drawing by Katelyn Slaughter age 7.

The winners of group "B" ages 8 and 9 are as follows

First Place is entry B-29 "Penguins" by Holly Harden age 8. Holly's drawing was completed in colored pencil. 

Second Place is entry B-4 "Relaxing on the Beach" by Margaret Taylor age 9. Margaret's drawing was completed in colored pencil. 

Third Place was a tie!
B-14 "Don't fall" a colored pencil drawing by Natalie Lehner age 8.

B-23 "Spring" a colored pencil drawing by Reetika Hogade age 9

Group C...ages 10 and 11 winners.

First Place goes to C-32, Kyle Marks with "Race Time". A colored pencil drawing.

Second Place is awarded to C-34, Abigail Slaughter with a colored pencil titled "Santa Cat is Coming to Town". 

Third Place goes to C-2, Abigail Slaughter with a colored pencil drawing titled "The Big Feast".

Group D results....

First place is D-5 "A Mother's Touch" by Kaitlyn Greer age 12. Her entry was completed in colored pencil. 

Second Place is D-13 "Playful Nip" a graphite drawing by Alorra Buchannan age 13.

Third Place is D-14 "Galloping Duo" a graphite drawing by Alorra Buchannan age 13.

Group E Results.....

First Place is E-5 a colored pencil drawing by Charissa James age 15, titled "The Butterfly's Flowers". 

Second Place is E-6 "Gypsy Beauty" a colored pencil drawing by Charissa James age 15.

Third Place is E-7 "Washington DC" a colored pencil drawing by Summer Cress age 14.

Group F 

First Place winner is F-1 "A Rockin Day" by Rachel Huggins. The winner was completed in oil pastels.

Group G ages 18 and above. 

First Place is G-50 "Main Street" a watercolor by Lisa Maynard. 

Second Place is G-28 "Trooper on Taturine" a colored pencil drawing by Jack Lehner.

Third Place was a tie.
G-17 "My Daughter" a colored pencil drawing by Emi Ikeda
G-51 "Blue Bird Sings" a colored pencil by Judy Stasek

And the winners of the 2013 Student Show People's Choice are..........

Group A

1st Place - Ella Beck with "Cheetah Who Ran Away"

2nd Place - Holly Harden with "The Water"

3rd Place - Holly Harden with "The Close Up"

Group B

1st Place - Kyle Griffin with "Soaring Eagle"

2nd Place - Reetika Hogade with "Vacation"

3rd Place - Abby Slaughter with "Out of Gas"

Group C

1st Place - Kyle Marks with "Who's There"

2nd Place - Anna Miller "The Life of a Rooster"

3rd Place - Kyle Marks with "Super Heroes"

Group D

1st Place - Kathryn Witsamin with "Father and Son"

2nd Place - Jacob Brant with "Toby"

3rd Place - Chandler Wright with "Soaring in the Air"

Group E

1st Place - Charissa James with "Frosty Blue"

2nd Place - Emily Walker with "Mr and Mrs Bluebird"

3rd Place - Katelyn Taylor with "The Emergence of Beauty"

Group F

1st Place - Nate Walker with "Home for the Holidays"

2nd Place - Nate Walker with "Wild and Free"

3rd Place - Rosemary O'Brien with "Mary's Turtle"

Group G

1st Place - Lisa Maynard with "Out to Pasture"

2nd Place - Kimberly Clayton with "Adagio"

3rd Place - Sea Jay with "Fantasy Reef

The winner's of the 2012 people's choice awards are.......

Group A (ages 6-7) 1st place Stella Dearing with "Leaping Dolphins", 2nd place Reetika Hogade with "A Day at the Beach", 3rd place Stella Dearing with "Baby Zebra". Group B (ages 8-9) 1st place Kyle Marks with "Snowball", 2nd place Ben Wray with "The State Birds in Summer", 3rd place Benjamin Hardin with The Beautiful Bird". Group C (ages 10-11) 1st place Emily Kong with "King of the Jungle", 2nd place Emily Kong with "Waddle, Flop, and Splash", 3rd Alorra Buchanan with "The Stallion". Group D (ages 12-13) 1st place Sarah McAtee with "The Striped Mirage", 2nd place Annie King with "EP", 3rd place Tori Wilson with Anti Bullying". Group E (ages 14-15) 1st place Madeleine O'Rourke with "Lichen", 2nd place Tiffanie McDonald with "The Doughty Family Retreat", 3rd place Alaina Seidle with "Turtle by the Sea". Group F (ages 16-17) 1st place Alaina Sermersheim with "Mamma Joe", 2nd place Rosemary O'Brien with "Off Georgia's Coast", 3rd place Nathan Walker with "New England Shack". Group G (Adults) 1st place Kimberly Koltz with "Hanging Out", 2nd place Lisa Maynard with "Rich Reds", 3rd place Sangeeta Kalia with "Song of the Meadowlark" Will follow up with photos of the winners. The winners will be on display in the case at the front of the Greenwood Community Center beginning Wednesday. Thanks to all who voted!

The 2011 Student Art Show was a huge success!

Below is a link for a photo slideshow by John Spurr


Group A Ages 6-7   First ~ Anne Ameis with "Dancing Dolphin"   Second ~ Hailey Ready with "Gizmo"   Third ~ Anne Ameis with "Fall Dog"

Group B Ages 8-9   First ~ Emily Kong with "Twins"   Second ~ Emily Kong with "Best Friends Forever"   Third ~ Kyle Marks with "The Brownie"

Group C Ages 10-11   First ~ Kathryn Witsaman with "The Angry Bird"   Second ~ Annie King with "Zebras"   Third ~ Avery Shingleton with "Stripes"

Group D Ages 12-13   First ~ Abby Shackelford with "Paris Dream"   Second ~ Abby Shackelford with "My Western Home"  Third ~ Grace Fundenberger with "Roses Are Red?"

Group E  Ages 14-15   First ~ Rosemary O'Brien with "Cardinal in the Snow"   Second ~ Shania Harris with "Bubba Hudson and Hawk"  Third ~ Rosemary O'Brien with "East Coast Beauty"

Group F Ages 16-17   First ~ Nate Walker with "Rain Forest Bird"   Second ~ Nicolas Jones with "Country Christmas"   Third ~ Michael Huggins with "The Watchman"

Group G Adult   First ~ Marty Shields with "A Watchful Fella"  Second ~ Petra Langenseipen with "St. Louis"   Third ~ Lisa Maynard with "Tuscan Countryside"

Congratulations to the winners!

Student Art Show 2010  winners

Group  A ages 6 and 7

1st place  Group A           Kyle Marks  "Pony Express"     

2nd place Group A        Kyle Marks "Snowman" 

Third place Group A        Hannah Hunt "Pink Birds"

Group B    Ages 8 and 9

First Place Group B       Emily Kong  "The Three Dolphins"

Second Place Group B       Emily Kong  "My Goose"

Third Place Group B    Kaitlyn Ready  "Buddies"

Group C    Ages 10 and 11

First Place Group C    Katelyn Taylor  "Ready to Pounce"

Second Place Group C   Summer Cress   "Giraffe"

Third Place Group C     Kathryn Witsaman  "Yellowbirds, Bluebirds, and Redbirds, OH MY!"

Group D     Ages 12 and 13

First Place Group D     Alaria Spurling  "The Shadow Colored Wolves"

Second Place Group D     Lucy Foster   "Giraffe"

Third Place  Group D     Abby Shackelford  "Screaming Yellow Bird"

Group E  Ages 14 and 15

First Place Group E    Nick Jones  "Snowy Day"

Second Place Group E     Nathan Walker  "Lighthouse on the Rocks"

Third Place Group E      TIE

                                                   Nathan Walker  "Tiger"

                                                   Rosemary O'Brien  "Puppy Love"

Group F  Ages 16 and 17

First Place Group F       Lee Noel  "The Prince and the Pauper"

Second Place Group F      Lee Noel  "Thing"

Third Place Group F       Jim Drake  "General Lee"

Group G  Adult

First Place Group G      Marty Shields  "Buddies"

Second Place Group G        Mary Ann Harwell  "Emem"

Third Place Group G       Janet Kratoska  "The Gerber Twins"

The Student Art Exhibit went off without a hitch! While we did not get an exact head count, it would be safe to say that there were more than several hundred people in attendance Friday night.

Many thanks to those who helped set up and tear down the show, and serve food.  Especially to Sue and Dee Cox, Zac Foster, Stephanie Foster, Jan and Bob Kratoska, Earl Guckelberg, Betty Clements, Bobbi, Jack, and Mab Graves.

Thanks to the band Fairview.....a wonderful selection of music was enjoyed by all.

Thanks to those who donated food and water in abundance for the Student Art Show. This show could not happen without the help and support of people like you!  Much of the extra food and water was donated to the Ronald McDonald House, and some was left behind for the Community Center staff to enjoy. (When I arrived for classes on Saturday, they expressed their appreciation!)

I must say how awesome the staff at the Greenwood Community Center is! They have backed the idea of having the Student Art Show at their facilities since the idea was presented several months ago. Anything I needed and asked for, the staff graciously provided.

Thank you to all who made this show a success!

Lisa with some of her long time students at their high school art show.  Congrats to Zac Foster, Scholastic Silver Medalist 2009,  Dee Cox, Scholastic Gold Medalist 2009,  and to Robert Smith, Scholastic Gold Medalist 2010!